Gladstone SLEDGE Robinson (Sledge/Glady)

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Gladstone SLEDGE Robinson (Sledge/Glady) came to England from Jamaica in 1958 and lived in Notting Hill. Gladstone was a well known and much loved and respected man in the community.

He passed away in his home from smoke inhalation, due to a house fire. A tragic, sudden death on the 09/12/08.

SLEDGE is remembered for being one of the most photographed Rasta’s due to his striking stature, his musical talents, his position as a leader in the black community (60’s-70’s+), his teaching as a Rastaman, his generosity and kindness to strangers, and as a brilliant family man.

Sledge was a percussionist and bongo player for many reggae artist in the early 70’s and 80’s. He collaborated with many Island record artists such as Aswad & Bob Marley.


One thought on “Gladstone SLEDGE Robinson (Sledge/Glady)

  1. i remember glady,i last spoke to him near the westway flyover portobello road,i asked him if polky was still alive but he couldnt say as he had not seen him in a long time,i first met glady in the late 60s in the duke of wellington pub. have a good rest from cliff in aylesbury, i would like any info about polky please,just to see if he is still alive and if so where he is, i never knew his real name


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